School is almost over

School is almost over
Summer vacation is just around the corner!

Keyboarding test first & second grade

May 16, 2011
Dear Parents:
The year is almost over!!
During this week we will be giving our last computer class evaluation. One of the basic skills included in the computer curriculum is keyboarding. This skill is divided in two parts: the practical part which is the accuracy and speed at which they type and the theoretical part which has to be acquired before the practical one.
The evaluation consist of a very short exercise in which each child demonstrates that they have the required skills of recognizing the position of several letters in the keyboard and match it with the proper finger to type.
I am enclosing a sample chart with the letters your child must know for the evaluation.
Below you will find the dates for each sections test:
1A & 2A May 18, 2011
1B & 2B May 23, 2011
1C & 2C May 19, 2011
I have sent a note home in their folders, so please check them to verify the content to study.

AST ECL Weekly Information

Hello dear parents and students,

This is the information regarding the week from

May 23 - 31, 2011

First to Fifth grades:

-Through out all this week until the last day of school we will be reviewing our skills. All sections will be doing class work to review the skills learned through the year.

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